Supermood story

What is Supermood?

Supermood is a new holistic beauty brand from Finland that in addition to natural cosmetics contains edible, topical, and therapeutic beauty products. Supermood research, development and production is made in Finland using high-quality, eco-certified level ingredients. Everything is driven by our values; eco-friendliness, ethics and purity.

Instead of the traditional skin type or age division, our beauty ranges are designed for a specific mood. This could be “I want to feel confident before my big meeting” or “I want to look fresh and well rested”. These beauty ranges form an ecosystem, where products complement each other to balance physical and emotional wellbeing.

Supermood founder Anne Kukkohovi is a Finnish entrepreneur who – prior to founding Supermood – worked in the fashion industry as a model, in an advertising agency as an art director and most recently in broadcasting in Finland as the host of Finland’s Next Top Model, as well as various other TV shows. During this time, Anne encountered a lot of different concepts and wondered why there’s no brand that approaches beauty as a holistic experience.

“One wonder serum cannot solve anything if you don’t take care of yourself. Putting it simply, the concept of Supermood is to improve the quality of your life with products that are designed to work in combination with how you live, sleep, and eat. Rather than just “cosmetics” we see beauty care and wellbeing as a combination of natural cosmetics, good sleep and correct nutrition, an all-round holistic experience.”

– Anne Kukkohovi

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