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How is Supermood different from other natural cosmetics brands?

Rather than just “cosmetics” we see beauty care and wellbeing as a combination of natural cosmetics, good sleep and correct nutrition, an all-round holistic experience. Instead of the traditional skin type or age division, our beauty ranges are designed for a specific mood. This could be “I want to feel confident before my big meeting” or “I want to look fresh and well rested”. These moods form an ecosystem, where products complement each other to balance physical and emotional wellbeing.

Why Supermood doesn't have a eco-certificate?

Certificates are not possible to obtain for products that contain ingredients that grow wild in the nature. For example our Egoboost range contains Chaga that is hand collected from rural area of Kauhava, Finland. Even without the certification, we do our product development so that it meets all other aspects of certified level natural cosmetics.

What is the recommended daily dosage of collagen? Any chance for an overdose?

Collagen is a protein that builds, hydrates, and firms the skin. Chaga has been used for centuries to rebuild skin and repair pigment. Chaga extract contains an exceptional amount of health-promoting antioxidants. The recommended daily dosage for collagen in 5000mg/day, so overdosing is highly unlikely.

Where are the products manufactured?

All of our cosmetics are manufactured in Ecocert certified factory in Finland. For other than cosmetics, we use few chosen manufacturing partners, all based in Finland.

What do edible products have to do with beauty care?

“You are what you eat”, right? We think so too, since nutrition has a huge impact on your skin. The edible beauty products fortifies the effect of our topical and therapeutical products.

With One Minute Facelift and Eyes wide open, I notice redness of the skin. Is there a reason for concern?

Redness of the skin is due to the Liftonin® Xpress compound that firms and tightens the skin. The skin pores will subtract and the redness will disappear after few minutes. Unless your skin doesn’t react any other way, this redness is not harmful. If you have a highly sensitive skin, we recommend you to do a sensitivity test by applying small dab of the product on the inside your arm to see if it causes any irritation.

What is the INCI list?

The INCI-list is the list of used ingredients. However, by requirement it’s written in Latin so we figured we’d have two options… 1. Hope everyone is fluent in Latin 2. Assume the first option wrong and do something about it. So we marked all ingredients with a symbol that explains which part is organic, natural or synthetic. For further explanation, see our ABC’s of beauty.

Is it possible to mix the Supermood products with each other?

Not only is it possible, we ecourage it! Sip a little Inner Beauty and give that One Minute Facelift a little Moisture Kick before getting your daily collagen fix with the Beauty Chocolate.

Is there perfumes in Supermood products?

Each of our product lines have their signature fragrance profile that is designed to be an essential part of the product. For atopics we plan to introduce a completely unscented product line in the future.

The Ritual Oil fluid is not coming out from the applicator, what's wrong?

We use only premium, natural ingredients and wanted to avoid any extra emulsifiers (the stuff that keeps the consistency of the liquid… well, consistent). So we thought you’d appreciate the trade-off even if it means a little more of shaking the bottle and you becoming the emulsifier. So after you shake the bottle, the contents should look foggy and it also comes out better.

Where can I buy Supermood products?

You can find all of our retailers here. We are continuously looking to expand our distribution to be where you are, but in the meantime we opened our little online shop for your viewing pleasure.

Which way should I use the Beauty Pillow? Can the pillow be washed?

The wider side supports your head and the narrower side your neck. This way your cheek won’t press against the pillow, reducing any swelling or pressed pillow marks on your face. The silk cover can bewashed, but the pillow itself is fine with regular venting. We recommend that you use an additional pillowcase on top of the silky one.

What's your take on animal testing?

Glad you asked! We love animals and every other living thing, so answer is a resounding NO to any animal testing. However, all of the products have been human tested by our founder Anne.

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I've lost my username, please help!

Breathe… breathe. Good!

Instructions on how to recover your username can be found here.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, we are also able to accept paypal payments.

What are your shipping & delivery costs?

We offer different services and tariffs as detailed below.


Finnish Postal Service 2-7 days
4.95€ flat rate per order. This service is FREE on orders over 99.00€


DHL Economy Select 3 – 5 days
Flat rate 14.95€. This service is FREE on all orders over 150.00€

DHL Worldwide Express 1 – 2 days
Flat rate 25.00€.

DHL Worldwide Express 1 – 2 days
Flat rate to all States 25.00€. This service is FREE on all orders over 150.00€

When can I expect my shipment?

The order is processed and sent usually within 1-3 business days (Note: for public holidays, Christmas and Easter may affect the delivery time.) and should reach you within 2-7 working days from when your package is shipped.

What should I do if I want to return an item?

Returning and exchange is very simple. Please read further instructions from here.

What if I change my mind after placing my order?

Easy peasy, just login to your account and click to cancel. However, if your shipment has already dispatched, follow these instructions to return the items.

Free shipping for all Finnish orders

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